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Hollywood Goes Commandos Garment Shields

Hollywood Goes Commandos Garment Shields
SKU HGC-000355
Brand/Manufacturer Hollywood Fashion Tape
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Hollywood Goes Commandos 5 panty-free garment shields from Hollywood Fashion Tape. Women's underwear: It's come a long way, baby. From chastity belts with padlocks to bloomers to above-the-navel granny briefs to bikinis to thongs, our undergarment evolution is moving steadily toward giving us less fabric and more freedom and choice.

Hollywood Fashion Tape has partnered with Jo Bernard of The Commandos Group, Inc., to add Hollywood Goes Commandos -- the sexy, healthy, disposable panty alternative -- to our fashion roster. Made of doctor-recommended 100 percent unbleached, un-dyed, breathable cotton, these self-adhesive pant patches allow you to "go commando" while retaining the all-important cotton crotch. Hollywood Goes Commandos provides a clean, healthy barrier of protection between you and your jeans, shorts, leggings, workout pants, etc., with nary a thong-related wedgie nor panty line in sight! They come in packages of five, they're easy to apply and remove, and most importantly, they empower you to dress as you want.