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J Brand Jeans

J Brand Jeans are the choice for celebrities with their vintage feel in modern classic styles. Sidestreet Boutique has chosen to carry the J Brand Jeans fashion line because of a firm belief in their quality and style. J Brand jean denim is top notch, it retains its shape and does not sag as the day progresses and moves with the wearer instead of having the wearer move in the jeans. The creators of J Brand Jeans have over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry and believe their jeans never need choose to be fashion or function, as they are a beautiful synergy of both. A philosophy in perfect alignment with Sidestreet Boutique's own sense of functionality and style geared for their modern, stylish woman.
j Brand jeans is recognized for their quality products and dedication to fashion in this LA Fashion Awards video.
Watch an exclusive interview from one of the co-founders of the J Brand Jeans fashion denim line. Susan Crippen explains the J Brand Jeans style mission to perfect the jean, having been a consumer for many years and aware of the dissappointments and perks of good and bad jeans. Her partner, Jeff Rudes, has over 30 years of experience in the denim fashion industry. Together they design the now famous J Brand Jeans denim line, always focusing on the fit of the jean as well as the quality of the denim material.
Celebrity Style: Kristen Stewart's fashion sense loves J Brand Jeans. Watch how Kristen Stewart incorporates a variety of styles from the J Brand Jeans line, including the 912 Pencil Leg and the Midrise Audrey jeans, to achieve her carefully disheveled, devil-may-care look.


J Brand Jeans
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